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Using Moonwalkers on steep hillsUpdated 6 months ago

Moonwalkers, designed to enhance your mobility and redefine your outdoor experience, are more than capable of tackling steep hills. With advanced AI technology and multiple layers of braking protection, these innovative devices ensure you can safely and effortlessly navigate challenging terrains. 

Automatic Speed Reduction and Braking Protection

Moonwalkers' AI system understands and multiplies your walking speed, preventing any freerolling down a hill. Shift Moonwalkers automatically reduce their speed as you descend, ensuring a controlled and safe experience. In addition, Moonwalkers incorporate multiple redundancies and layers of braking protection for added reassurance.

Conquering Steep Slopes with Ease

Going uphill with Moonwalkers is an exhilarating experience. They are designed to tackle even the steepest hills (up to 10 degrees) in town, allowing you to walk effortlessly at running speed. Developed in Pittsburgh, the Moonwalkers have been tested on some of the city's most challenging inclines, including Canton Ave, which boasts a 37% grade over a distance of 21 feet (6.4 meters).

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