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A guide to master Moonwalking in 5min.

Tutorial 1: Locate Your Feet onto Moonwalkers

Press the power button on each Moonwalker to turn them on. You'll see a flashing white light, which means they're in pairing mode. While the lights are flashing, lay the Moonwalkers flat on the ground. Once the lights turn solid white, they're ready

Tutorial 2 : Taking Your First Steps

Make sure your Moonwalkers are powered on and in Lock mode (wheels not rotating). You'll see a solid white light. While in Lock mode, take 20-30 steps to get used to the weight of the Moonwalkers. Remember, they won't move in Lock mode, so take your

Tutorial 3 : Walking Tips

Walk at a comfortable pace and keep your usual stride length. Don't try to force bigger steps or change your walking rhythm. Start slow, especially when practicing in training mode. As you get comfortable with the gliding sensation, you can gradually

Tutorial 4 : Calibration (CALIB) Mode

Extend your left foot forward. Slightly lift your left toe for 3 seconds. Wait for the shoes to blink cyan. Put your toe back on the ground immediately. Walk normally for at least 15 steps. The shoes should turn solid cyan when calibration is complet

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