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Limited WarrantyUpdated 7 months ago


Shift Robotics gives a LIMITED WARRANTY for the period of time(s) stated herein, subject to certain limitations, on your new Moonwalkers against defects in material or workmanship when properly used, maintained, and stored in accordance with the recommendations set forth by Shift Robotics, including in the Shift Robotics owner’s manual. Shift Robotics gives a ONE (1) YEAR limited warranty for use of your new Moonwalkers against defects in material or workmanship on all components of the Moonwalkers, except for the following identified parts: gearbox, wheels, battery pack, motor, straps, for which a SIX (6) MONTH limited warranty applies. 

Shift Robotics liability for any defects in material or workmanship with respect to your new Moonwalkers shall be limited, at Shift Robotics option to: (1) Repairing the product by means of Customer Support or by providing service at no charge for parts or labor; (2) Replacing the product with a comparable product which may be new or refurbished.

The limited warranty periods begins upon delivery of the Moonwalkers to the original customer. 


Limitations of Warranties and Remedies 

Moonwalkers are designed to provide years of reliable use when used, maintained and stored in accordance with Shift Robotic’s instructions and recommendations. However, the potential for misuse or unapproved modifications or alterations to your Moonwalkers exists. 

This limited warranty shall not apply to any Moonwalkers that have been repaired, altered, or modified in a way so as in Shift Robotic’s judgment to adversely affect their operation, performance, or durability. The limited warranty shall not apply to any Moonwalkers which have been subject to misuse, abuse, nor to any Moonwalkers not used in accordance with Shift Robotic’s instructions. In addition, the limited warranty does not provide coverage for:

  • Normal wear or maintenance items, or normal deterioration;
  • Routine maintenance and adjustments; 
  • Water damage; 
  • The warranty registration is inconsistent with the product itself. 
  • Damage caused by abuse, misuse, or use inconsistent with recommended use as set out in the Owner’s Manual; 
  • Damage has been caused by jumping off of curbs, steps, or other obstacles with Moonwalkers 
  • Damage has been caused by accidents or human errors, such as breakage caused by rusting in a very wet environment. 
  • Damage caused by theft, vandalism, fire, or any act of God; 
  • Damage caused by removal of parts, improper service, repair and/or maintenance, modification or use of parts or accessories not manufactured or approved by Shift Robotics; 
  • Damage caused by overloading the Moonwalkers; 
  • Damage caused by accidents, or other similar circumstances; and/or 
  • The barcode or serial number of the Moonwalkers has been altered or removed. 
  • Products purchased from an unauthorized reseller, including any online purchase other than directly from Shift Robotics, Inc. to the extent permitted by law .

For all warranty and repair requests that originate outside the United States, Shift Robotics are not responsible for shipping costs or international tariffs, duties or taxes.

Warranty Replacement Process

Warranty replacements should only be initiated once the Shift Robotics Tech Team confirms that the Moonwalkers qualify for warranty replacement. The Tech Team will assess the situation and determine if the Moonwalkers meet the necessary criteria for replacement under the limited warranty.

By adhering to this warranty policy, we aim to ensure that our customers receive the best possible support and service for their Moonwalkers, enabling them to enjoy the unparalleled mobility experience that our products offer.

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