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Tutorial 1: Locate Your Feet onto MoonwalkersUpdated 2 months ago


Step 1: Power Up and Lock 

  • Press the power button on each Moonwalker to turn them on. You'll see a flashing white light, which means they're in pairing mode.

  • While the lights are flashing, lay the Moonwalkers flat on the ground. Once the lights turn solid white, they're ready for mounting! 

Step 2: Unfold and Engage 

  • With the Moonwalkers locked (wheels engaged and not rotating), feel free to unfasten the straps. Now they're ready for your feet.

Step 3: Find Your Center 

  • Time to step in! Place your foot securely on the Moonwalkers, making sure the ball of your foot is centered and aligned with the hinge.

Step 4: Strap On for a Secure Fit 

  • Loosen the Velcro straps and adjust them for a comfortable, snug fit. Make sure your regular shoe feels secure and doesn't slide around inside the Moonwalker.

  • Make sure to quickly adjust the heel strap for superior comfort and grip.

Congratulations! You're ready to walk!


  • If you find it challenging to put on the Moonwalkers while standing, try sitting down for better leverage.

  • Once you're comfortable with one Moonwalkers, repeat steps 1-4 for the other foot.

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