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Tutorial 3 : Walking TipsUpdated 2 months ago

Here's the secret to smooth walking: focus on walking naturally, not on the wheels.
  1. Walk at a comfortable pace and keep your usual stride length. Don't try to force bigger steps or change your walking rhythm.

  2. Start slow, especially when practicing in training mode. As you get comfortable with the gliding sensation, you can gradually increase your speed.

  3. The Moonwalkers work best with a natural weight transfer from one foot to the other, just like regular walking. This smooth motion will help you glide effortlessly.

By following these simple steps and focusing on a natural walking pattern, you'll be moonwalking like a pro in no time! 


Walking Like a Pro 

Now that you've unlocked the power of Shift mode, let's explore some techniques for efficient walking with your Moonwalkers. 

Keep your gaze ahead. 

  • Maintain good posture and look up, not down at your feet.

Relax knees and walk normally

  • Mimic the natural heel-to-toe motion of regular walking for a balanced and fluid movement.

Walk, don't skate. 

  • Moonwalkers aren't rollerblades! Focus on natural walking motion with a gliding sensation.

  • Make sure there is no foot crossing

Tips and Tricks for Mastering Your Walk


  • Physics tip! While you can turn at high speeds, it's much smoother and safer to slow down.

  • To slow down without stopping completely, simply take shorter steps. This will gradually decrease your speed and make turning easier.


  There are two ways to bring your Moonwalkers adventure to a halt:

  1. Parallel Foot Stop: Place both feet flat on the ground, parallel to each other. This will bring you to a complete stop.

  2. Gradual Slowdown: Take shorter and shorter steps until the Moonwalkers come to a natural stop.

Going Faster:

  Ready to reach peak Moonwalking speed? Here are some tricks:

  1. Stretch it Out: Take longer strides as you walk. This will naturally increase your speed.
  2. Find Your Rhythm: Maintain consistent stride lengths for a smooth and efficient high-speed walking.
  3. Toe Push: Practice a subtle heel-to-toe motion as you walk, with a slight push with toe as you lift your foot. This will give you an extra boost.

Safety First: Stairs and Moonwalkers : 

Moonwalkers are all about effortless movement, but stairs require a different approach. It's always recommended to switch your Moonwalkers to Lock mode (wheels disengaged) whenever using stairs for your safety.

Congratulations! You've completed the Moonwalkers Training Manual and are now ready to revolutionize your walking experience. With practice and these helpful tips, you'll be gliding through your day with comfort and ease.

Remember: Safety is paramount. While Moonwalkers can enhance your productivity, prioritize safe practices. Always maintain awareness of your surroundings, avoid using them in wet or uneven terrain. Now, get out there and walk your way to a more efficient and enjoyable day!

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