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Tutorial 4 : Calibration (CALIB) ModeUpdated 16 days ago

Step 1 : Entering Calibration Mode (CALIB)

  1. Extend your left foot forward.

Step 2 : Calibrating Foot Position

  1. Slightly lift your left toe for 3 seconds.

  2. Wait for the shoes to blink cyan.

  3. Put your toe back on the ground immediately.


Step 3 : Calibrating Gait

  1. Walk normally for at least 15 steps.

  2. The shoes should turn solid cyan when calibration is complete.

Step 4 : Exiting Calibration Mode

  1. Lift your heel on either foot. This enters "LOCK mode."

Additional Tips:

  • After exiting calibration, the instructions suggest you can switch to "TRAINING" or "SHIFT" mode, but these functionalities aren't explained here.

  • Make sure you follow the instructions carefully, especially the timing for lifting your toe.

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