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Moonwalkers on Various Terrains: What to ExpectUpdated 7 months ago

Moonwalkers on Hard Terrain

Moonwalkers are specifically designed for optimal performance on hard terrain. Moonwalkers were developed in Pittsburgh, PA, which was filled with crumbling rust-belt-style sidewalks. We didn't want to make a product that couldn't handle our current city. So, we engineered our 8-wheel patented drivetrain, consisting of overlapping wheels to simulate much larger diameter wheels to climb over uneven terrain and gravel. Brick and cobblestones streets are also easily traversable.

Moonwalkers on Grass

The performance on grass will depend on whether the grass is wet or dry and how compacted the dirt is. Hard surfaces work best due to the optimized contact patch of the drive system. With that said, you can still walk on grass, the wheels just may not move as you walk.

Moonwalkers on Puddles

Moonwalkers use an automotive-grade sealing method to ensure that they can withstand rain and smaller puddles. We recommend avoiding puddles and only storing them indoors when not in use. 

Moonwalkers on Snow

When it comes to light snow on hard surfaces, like sidewalks or roads, Moonwalkers can still perform quite effectively. However, they are not designed to handle deep snow. Considering using a Moonwalker during winter, consider its limitations in heavy snow conditions. The main challenge in the winter months is the salt and other traction additives added to sidewalks and roads, which can reduce the traction capabilities of Moonwalkers.

Moonwalkers on Crowded Sidewalks?

Our AI has instantaneous response times, so they are super agile, and you can seamlessly move about crowds. 

Can You Run In Moonwalkers?

While you can run in them, you will not see any speed advantage in speed as we have optimized the performance for 250% of walking speed with a max speed of 7mph. 

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