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How do the LED Indicators workUpdated 24 days ago

LED Indicators

During normal operation, your Moonwalkers may display any of the following LEDs.

Light Description
StartupMoving White
Lock ModeSolid White
Shift Mode (> 75% battery)Solid Green
Shift Mode (50% ~ 75% battery)Slow Blinking Green
Shift Mode (25% ~ 50% battery)Fast Blinking Green
*Safe Mode (Reduced Performance)Solid Yellow
Battery ChargingBlinking Green
Battery Fully ChargedSolid Green
ErrorOther blinking patterns (please see table below)

*Safe Mode (Reduced Performance)

Walking for an extended period can increase the internal temperature of the Moonwalkers above 122°F/50°C. When this happens, your speed will be reduced, and after some time, the shoes will stop with the status indicator lights flashing their respective code. Allow your Moonwalkers to cool, and you will be ready to walk again.

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