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ShiftOS 2.1 Release NotesUpdated a month ago

The main upgrades of ShiftOS 2.1 are outlined below. 

Gait Detection

  • We have enhanced gait detection for improved accuracy and robustness, especially on uneven or bumpy terrain. This reduces miss detection or false detection by 83% and eliminates sudden stops due to missed gait motion detections.

  • Additionally, it enhances gait motion estimation accuracy, enabling smoother acceleration and deceleration by providing proper acceleration or deceleration during the appropriate gait phase of your walking. This feature helps remove the sensation of imbalance or "fly away" experienced by users.

We have added safety measures to detect abnormal user behavior or walking patterns in all modes, prompting shoes to decelerate to zero speed and alerting the user with 13 Red LED blinks. This ensures immediate attention to potential hazards and prevents accidents.

New Mode Introduction & Mode Updates

Calibration Mode

For a more customized experience, ShiftOS 2.1 now introduces a new Calibration (CALIB) mode. 

What is it?

Calibration mode allows the user to calibrate the software on your Moonwalkers based on your walking pattern.  This provides a more customized experience of walking based on the user's gait. 

How to activate it?

To activate CALIB mode, extend our left foot ahead and lift your toes up. Hold this position for 3 seconds until you see flashing Cyan LEDs, and then put your toe back down. Flashing Cyan LEDs indicate you have successfully entered CALIB mode.

How to calibrate?

In this mode, you can calibrate the software for your gait style. In CALIB mode, the wheels will always stay locked and you will need to take 12-15 similar steps* as you would normally walk. As soon as the calibration is finished, the flashing Cyan LEDs turns into solid Cyan. Now, you can switch to LOCK mode before you can enjoy your newly calibrated SHIFT and TRAINING modes.

To calibrate again, repeat the same process. Users are recommended to calibrate with their own walking pattern, and avoid using Moonwalkers that were calibrated with someone else's gait. 

Reset to Default:

If you want to reset the settings to system default, you can enter the CALIB mode and keep your toes up for at lease 6 seconds. This turns the LED into solid CYAN. You can do this from LOCK mode, or anytime during the CALIB mode before the calibration is completed.

*In some cases, it might take more than 15 steps to finish calibration. This happens when walking pattern changes throughout the walk.


  • CALIB Mode is only available starting from ShiftOS 2.1.

  • A solid Cyan indicates the calibration has completed, or the Default settings has been applied. If you forget which one it was, it's always safe to reset to Default settings again.

  • Remember to put down your left toe once you see flashing Cyan LEDs if you don't intend to reset the settings to system default. Default settings will be applied if your held your toe up for more than 6 seconds.

New error codes

In order to accommodate the new mode, we have added the following error codes.

  • 12 Red LED blinks is Bad Calibration

  • 13 Red LED blinks is Other Errors

Mode Flowchart

The following flowchart is updated to show how to enter different modes (SHIFT, TRAINING, CALIB) for Moonwalkers with ShiftOS 2.1:

Video Demonstration

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